What We Value

We are a group of people in Salt Lake City who have been saved by Jesus Christ and desire to follow Him.

Our mission as a church is to glorify God through lives that have been transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We gather in settings both large and small to pray, study the Bible and love one another.

Our vision is to communicate the unchanging truth of the person and work of Jesus Christ in a way that everyone in our city and culture can comprehend.

Our desire is to raise up and equip people to bring glory to God and the light of Jesus into their respective communities, however diverse they may be.

Honest Community

The rhythm of East Avenue is relationships. We want to be defined as a community of people who are not just friends but family, family that loves and serves one another. We firmly believe that growth happens best inside an honest, humble, and loving community.

Community is what facilitates the authentic spirituality and missional living within East Avenue. If the community is honest and safe then it will be a place free of judgment where authentic spirituality can flourish. We recognize at East Avenue that serving isn't always easy but it is made easier when we can have a group of passionate friends serving along side of us. Be a part of the honest community, be a part of East Avenue.

Authentic Spirituality

No one is perfect, nor will anyone ever be, and at East Avenue we work to rejoice in our weakness because it reminds us of how much more we need Jesus. Authentic spirituality is simple, it means following Jesus and that is the mantra or flow of East Avenue; follow Jesus and let Him worry about the other things.

At East Avenue we are real people with real problems following a real Jesus. We strive to be true to ourselves because we recognize that that is how God made us and that's how we will connect to others. If you are interested in shedding the burden of legalistic religion and pursuing a real relationship with Jesus, we invite you to join us in our pursuit at East Avenue.

Missional Living

At East Avenue we hold firm to the belief that the Gospel is an announcement of change. Not simply a spiritual change or a personal change but also a social one. That means we live our lives proclaiming this change through our voices, our gifts, time, and actions.

Living missionaly can mean many things but it always means loving and serving others. We know from first hand experience that it is not always easy to live missionaly, either because of fear or lack of know how, we understand. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to join a community that is working to live missionaly and to join in the work God is doing.