Values and Vision



The gospel is a declaration of the ultimate truth, that Jesus is God, savior, and friend.


The gospel frees us to enjoy and delight in the goodness of God in all we do.


The gospel transforms men and woman from the inside out making us disciples of Jesus.


Transformed into a new person, the gospel brings us together as a new people.


The gospel transforms and then commissions us to live out and proclaim the good news of Jesus.


The gospel brings spiritual, social and cultural renewal allowing the city to experience the kingdom.


1. To be first and foremost about the glory of God; making His name and work so famous that everyone in our city and cultures hears the good news of the real Jesus.

2. To see men and women transformed into disciples of Jesus who seek to live out the gospel in every arena of their lives––becoming leaders who creatively work for the glory of God and the good of others.

3. To be a catalyst for city-wide renewal, helping the city of salt lake experience the kingdom of God culturally, socially, and spiritually.

4. To cultivate creativity and excellence; fostering our communities unique worshipful expressions.