Pastor Jonny Morrison

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Dignity and Depravity: How much of the Image is left?

Dignity and Depravity? How much of the Image of God remains in fallen humanity? ...Read More

The Constiution of Man

This post is a bit more academic then normal seeing as how it was an assignment for my masters program. However, a few people asked about it so here it is. My defense of my position on human constitution. ...Read More

To Good Friday

Why is Jesus Crucified for the sins of humanity? Why is good Friday Good?...Read More

Jesus+Nothing=Everything | Roundup

A brief Roundup from 15 sermons in our 16pt series in Galatians....Read More

Transform your Resolution

Sermon Roundup Galatians #9

Note: This week Pastor Jonny preached the sermon “From Slaves To Sons" of Galatians 4:1-7 for part 9 in our 16 week series in the book of Galatians. Here are some highlights from the sermon....Read More

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