Home Church

Christ is at work in the real and material parts of our lives, those areas that might seem ordinary and mundane, that's were spirituality starts. For East Ave that's also where Church starts.

Home-Church is the heart beat of East Ave because it takes Church and places it in the context we live in, as opposed to forcing us into the context Church lives. Its a place where we can learn to live out the way of Jesus in real life.

Each Home Church will be organized geographically, so that we can be apart of the Church that is actively loving our direct context. They are filled with a variety of people from varying places in life, each person bringing a new and different story to the table. Its in the midst of these relationships that true honest community is birthed, and its inside of community where we are able to practice authentic spirituality and live missionaly.

East Avenue is currently planning and praying with teams who are working towards planting home-churches.

  • If you are interested in being apart of a planting a home church email us, and let us know.

Sandy Homechurch: Monday @ 7:00pm

5330 S Sydette Cirlce

Call Forrest Brown for more info:

(801) 808-6929


SLC Home Church: Monday @ 6:30pm

718 East Stratford Avenue

Call Jonny Morrison for more info:

(801) 599-9886