Take up your cross, says Christ.

For many, those familiar words pose an ultimate challenge. But what if Jesus told you to take up your paintbrush?—to take up your dance shoes, your pad and pen, your camera, scissors, guitar, or script? What if you passionately believed that the longing in you to make art was a stirring of the Creator’s Spirit?

East Avenue Arts exists to help artists learn to live in that belief—to grow in what it means to abide abundantly and unabashedly in their expression of God’s creative image. Through our various medium-specific connection groups, artshows, and other venues—amateurs and professionals mature together in spiritual and technical disciplines, removing barriers between artistic collaboration and communing in Christ.

During our services, songs, poems, dance, and paintings might help make clear God’s word. East Avenue artists strive to meet and impact the wider SLC culture by blurring the line—before all the world—between what is excellent work and what is ardent worship.

If you have any questions about connecting to East Avenue Arts, if you would like help thinking through your own talents and calling, or, if your want to learn about ways you might share or serve, please email Art Director, Tory Hallenburg.